Fariq, here

Hello and Welcome to my “About Me” Page.

Since you’re reading this page…

I’m guessing you’d like to know a little bit about me….

Who Am I? What I do? And why I do it?

Let me start by saying… I’m honored you’d take a few minutes of your valuable time to get to know me better.

After all, since we’re going to be working together (if in case), it’s only right that you first know a little about me…

…and what I can do for YOU.

So, here’s my story (the short and sweet version)


First… My name is Fariq Nazir. I am based in Kashmir and I have done my bachelors in Electronics & communication at Kashmir University.

I’m a son, brother, writer, Marketing nerd, lifelong learner and an all-around a great guy (yeah, I think that covers most of it)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I hated engineering and wanted to become a psychiatrist. And eventually hated both of it. And somehow found myself enjoying writing. Funny, Isn’t it?

Enough about me. I’m sure you didn’t come here just to listen to me talk about myself.

(Oh wait… this is “About Me Page”, so I guess that’s why you’re here). Let’s continue then. Shall we…


A lot of people ask me what I do. I tell them I am an engineer. It gives me an ego boost. But deep down in my heart I know I am not supposed to say that. I should have said “I am a writer”, I tell myself every time.
It’s not their fault. I have kept this a secret. I am a writer (I urge you to keep this a secret)
Here’s what people have to say about my writing 😉

Let’s be honest. I’m not perfect. I will make mistakes. I might suck too.


There’re two kinds of people.

The whiner.

The winner.

Who would you prefer?

THAT! I’m that ONE.

FYI Alert: I will have my doubts about how I am supposed to get started.

But here’s a thing.

If you expect me to be the jack of all trades. I am not a good fit for you.

I sucked in engineering. I suck in football and certainly suck in most of the things (Yes, I am a sucker)

There’s a saying by Bill Gates, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Hey listen: I am that lazy Guy. Call me crazy!

But (it’s a big but)

I set my soul on fire when I write….

I can turn a child who can’t hear into a typical 2-year-old who doesn’t want to listen.

That’s what I can do. I’m the best at it.

So that’s a short story about me.

If it’s a professional writer you’re looking for… I’ll work with you to create an affordable, professional, compelling message that will get attention, conversions, and profitable clients you’re looking for.

If you’d like more info about what I can do for you, just contact me right now and we can talk about what you’d like to achieve for your business.

It cost you nothing to contact me for more info and I’ll try to answer any question you have.

I truly want to thank you for reading this far. It shows me you’re serious about growing your company’s business and you’re willing to seek out a professional to help you achieve your goals.

Mostly Sucker

Fariq Nazir

Ps: Oh, I almost forgot to include my Email address and contact number (just in case you want to say Hi)

Email: [email protected]
Cell no: 9797751019