Why sharing this Pro- Copywriting Secret got me banned From A Top-Notch Copywriting Community???

My Dear Friend,

If you’re interested in learning This AMAZING copywriting Secret that will significantly improve your copywriting tenfold, then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever heard.

But before I go further, I want You to absorb every single word of this post because I am afraid I might get banned here too. And This might be the last time I am writing this to you (in that case, I will miss you)

You see…

I am not going to name the NAMES here but it was a week ago, I got bored from watching movies and listening to podcasts….


I thought I should write something and you know I can’t write before I put myself into a writing state. So, I have this culture of reading my favorite writers. I read some of the blogs and one blog redirected me to a WINNING sales Copy from one of the reputed copywriters in the world.

You tell me who doesn’t know THE Gary Bencivenga (even if you don’t know him, you should know who this genius is)

It wasn’t like I never read that sales copy before but truth to be told, it was the first time I paid attention to something that never clicked me.

I was like… WHAT THE HECK???

I literally abused myself not to have paid attention to this casual statement that sums up the entire copywriting process and If done exactly the way it says…. can save people from all the troubles when starting out the copy process…

This is why I am eager to reveal this Amazing secret to YOU. Because I understand how it feels when you are alone struggling to find out what exactly should be done? How to get started? Where to even start from?

But you know there are some people who use your Passionate learning desperation to their advantage. There are some people who know that someone like yourself would give up their hard-earned money in exchange for a presumed quote on quote HIGH-VALUE content.

That is exactly what happened to me when I tried to share the SECRET within one of the popular copywriting communities. Within a few minutes, I got banned. Why?

Because they never wanted IT out.

Because it could possibly fail their business.

But (it is a big but)…

I also think that’s fair too because we all have to pay our bills. Right?

And you know I am kind of a nut who wants to share VALUE free because I have been at your place and I can feel how it is like to be struggling alone.

So, without beating around the bush further, the Headline of the sales copy is:


When I stumbled upon the below statement. I knew for the first time that this is the exact recipe of the entire Copywriting Process. Read this many times and see how this simple yet highly ignored statement was begging to be known.


Once we take on a client with such a product, we research it for weeks. We take it apart and examine it from all angles. We visit the factory or place of business and talk with those who make it. We interview its users. We take it home and use it ourselves. Then we compare it with competition- until we find its unique customer advantage.

Once we have this, we build the entire campaign around it, and demonstrate logically, factually, dramatically why it is the best product to fill a specific customer need.

You see what a profound statement that was?

Honestly, It won’t be interesting for many people who read this. They might feel it is a generic statement. Well, In that case, they should realize that Powerful Copywriting that converts is not for them.

If they think it is just a mere statement that was written just to fill the page. Then I would like to stop arguing with them.

Anyway, think about it and let me know what are your thoughts on it?

That’s it for today.

Sincerely yours

Fariq Nazir